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Learn more about Clarke Basement Systems' recent work requests in Oshawa, ON
Vicinity of Oshawa Blvd N in Oshawa
I have an older house that has had a leak or water damage that seems connected to weather (with the rain and thaw). I previously attempted to correct the issue in the fall and apparently it has not worked. I'm seeking a quote to correct the issue / discover the underlying issue.
Vicinity of Tall Pine Avenue in Oshawa
I have 2 large cracks in my basement walls on the north and the south side of the house.
Vicinity of in Oshawa
Having leak in basement and from outside....I think outside needs repair first. Thanks Linda
Vicinity of Attersley Drive in Oshawa
I would like to get a quote to level the patio.
Vicinity of Roxborough Avenue in Oshawa
Inquiring about whats causing my water problems and solutions to address it. thanks
Vicinity of Steerforth Street in Oshawa
Dampness/wet in basement room adjacent to North Side Wall. Presented itself after heavy rains during Easter Weekend. Suspect leak coming from poured concrete foundation wall. Basement is finished, have not removed drywall to inspect further. Require estimate to stop leak
Vicinity of Prestwick Drive in Oshawa
2 Window wells need to be waterproofed and water needs to be directed away from the house (French drain?)
Vicinity of Hortop St in Oshawa
One wall is leaking in our basement. House built 1954.
Vicinity of Nipigon Street in Oshawa
I live in a bungalow. We have some water leaking into the basement. It is poured concrete walls. I have put an insurance claim, however looking for a contractor to help identify the leak problem - ie. foundation issue or window etc.
Vicinity of Pindar Crescent in Oshawa
Water is entering our storage room in the basement
Vicinity of Elizabeth Street in Oshawa
Need a quote for waterproofing my house
Vicinity of Pinecrest Road in Oshawa
Whenever we get a significant melt, we get water in one section of the basement and we are convinced that it is coming in as a result of old concrete pads that have sloped in towards the house. To discuss
Vicinity of Pondtail Court in Oshawa
Would like a quote on basement leaks
Vicinity of Marion Ave. in Oshawa
Is this estimate free or is there a charge if we decide to use someone else ?
Vicinity of LONDONDERRY ST in Oshawa
Cracks in basement floor...water leaking in during rains
Vicinity of Elgin Street E in Oshawa
Looking for an estimate to have a sump pump installed into my basement.
Vicinity of Harmony Road N in Oshawa
Wet basement when it rains
Vicinity of Monaghan Ave in Oshawa
Estimate for crack in foundation, approx 3' x 8' x 5' deep
Vicinity of Farewell St in Oshawa
Hi. There's a crack in along the extiror wall in our basement that's letting water in when heavy rain fall. We'd like a repair quote pls
Vicinity of Sedan Cres in Oshawa
We have noticed some cracks in walls on our main floor around a doorway, stair, and the bay window at the front our house. We are planning some renos soon a would like to get these issues checked out prior.
Vicinity of Carlyle Crt in Oshawa
There is a leak coming from the floor seams of the basement. Also when it rains there is a hole where water gets through. I would appreciate it if I could have someone contact me to discuss a quote since I'm looking to have it repaired.
Vicinity of Windsor St in Oshawa
I want to get a price on fixing my basement leak.
Vicinity of Raglan Rd East in Oshawa
Would like to get quote to have basement waterproofed.
Vicinity of Stone Cottage Crescent in Oshawa
We have a crack in the basement wall that runs from the floor to the top of the wall and during a heavy rain, water leaks through and has damaged flooring. looking for options on repairing .
Vicinity of Cunningham Ave. in Oshawa
My basement is leaking in a few places
Vicinity of Aberdeen St in Oshawa
We have a 75 year old home and have water coming in a basement wall, right near a window well. We suspect the window well drainage is impaired (maybe needs to be excavated and new French drain etc put in).
Vicinity of Capri Ct. in Oshawa
Water continues to come in the basement from a window well area.
Vicinity of Swiss Height in Oshawa
Vicinity of Myrtle Rd. E. in Oshawa
Your company gave us an estimate for basement settling repair in 2012. However we were not able to go ahead with the work then. We would like a new estimate please. Thanks
Vicinity of Bond Street East in Oshawa
Hi There is a crack on the exterior of the foundation that I wanted to get checked to see if any action is necessary. Thanks David
Vicinity of Warren Ave in Oshawa
I would like a quote
Vicinity of Brock Street E in Oshawa
The floor of my cold room or electrical room maintains some moisture after it rains, as well as parts of the outside wall.
Vicinity of William Booth Crescent in Oshawa
Water damage and possible mold charge for inspections?
Vicinity of Sherbrook Dr in Oshawa
Foundation issues / garage floor cracking with driveway abutting it sinking . Already had internal water drainage in basement ... horrible foundation problem
Vicinity of Adelaide Ave. West in Oshawa
Our house has major foundation cracks that are causing brick damage. Gapping in the cracks is up to 2 inches, a breeze can be felt in the winter. We are also considering lowering the basement to gain headroom, but the repair is more critical.
Vicinity of Gibbons Street in Oshawa
My basement walls are damp. I want to finish my basement but before i do i want to make sure the walls are ok. When it rains heavily i do get some water accumulation on my floor.
Vicinity of Oriole Court in Oshawa
We have an older house built in the late 60s. We have decided to add a bathroom in basement. During the work we noticed the weeping is located on interior of the foundation wall. Plumber recommend adding in a sump pit and pump. Since then the sump pump runs every 5 mins for only about 2-3 seconds. Should we be concerned about a water leak from the foundation which we never had before but the pump running all time has me concerned.
Vicinity of Beaver Valley Cres in Oshawa
Leak from an existing epoxy repair, over 8 years ago
Vicinity of Lakeside St. in Oshawa
Just wondering if I could get some one out for an estimate, and if so how much?
Vicinity of Thorncliffe Street in Oshawa
Sum pump old and not realiable needs to be checked !
Vicinity of OVERBANK Dr in Oshawa
We have a cold cellar in the basement that smells moldy and has had previous mold issues
Vicinity of Northbrook Street in Oshawa
Need help with my project
Vicinity of Bickle Dr in Oshawa
Hi good eve, looking to have concrete pad around my pool lifted sunken in many places. Looking For a quote on your services..
Vicinity of Olive Ave in Oshawa
You need to answer your phone
Vicinity of Oshawa Blvd S in Oshawa
I am looking to get an estimate on waterproofing my basement. Just wondering how we can go about arranging to do that. I'm located in Oshawa. Thank you I look forward to hearing back from you.
Vicinity of Centre St. N. in Oshawa
Century house that gets water in the basement during the spring thaw and during very heavy rain on occasion other times of the year
Vicinity of Kingsdale Avenue in Oshawa
I have a small barely visible crack in basement walk that was only leaking in one corner but now is leaking all around. Only during major rainstorms
Vicinity of Burk Street in Oshawa
Good day, With the amount of ice, rain and general melt we have been experiencing some minor flooding in our basement. It's a fairly old house built in the early 1900s, the basement was finished before we took ownership 3 years ago. Last year we noticed a small amount of flooding in early May but it was only for a few days and then nothing until now. We do have a sump pit/pump at the rear of the house away from the flooding and it does run fairly frequently. The current situation is focused at the front of the house, we are unsure if it's coming from the walls or hydrostatic pressure pushing up through the floor. Our basement flooring is rolled vinyl for half and raised vinyl planks on the other half, so it's pretty hard to tell where a crack in the floor may be. Wanted to see what the experts thought.
Vicinity of Bloor St E in Oshawa
Hello, I have damage to a concrete foundation due to bad eaves trough drainage. Thanks.
Vicinity of Simcoe St S in Oshawa
I have water coming into basement
Vicinity of Charter Crescent in Oshawa
Vicinity of Bala Drive in Oshawa
Leaking into root cellar them into basement
Vicinity of Clarke St in Oshawa
I have water in my basement coming from who knows where please contact via email
Vicinity of Mary St North in Oshawa
Sinking floor
Vicinity of Colborne Street East in Oshawa
Would like to get a quote done for a crack and leak in the foundation. I have a photo I can send as well if that makes it easier. Thanks
Vicinity of Annapolis Avenue in Oshawa
Our #1 concern is the need for structural repairs. However, the crawl space also lacks insulation and could benefit from a general clean up as well.
Vicinity of Belair Cres in Oshawa
Crack in foundation, visible in basement after drywall been pulled off. around 4-4.5 feet long.
Vicinity of Buckingham Avenue in Oshawa
Looks as if basement repairs were started and not completed when I brought the house and its leaking at the part that was not completely fixed
Vicinity of Gladstone Ave in Oshawa
A leak in the corner of the basement.
Vicinity of Eastlawn St in Oshawa
There is significant water built up in the window well, going into the basement.
Vicinity of Park Rd. N. in Oshawa
I want a sump pump installed in my basement, there is one outside but freezes in winter and water gets in my basement. I might need 2.
Vicinity of Huntingwood Dr in Oshawa
I am looking for a quote to inject epoxy or urethane into a hairline crack in my interior poured concrete basement wall. It is a short wall that is 31 1/2 inches (both the crack and the wall). This is my house and I am not selling. The wall has been cleared of all studs etc and is ready to go. Thanks ..Wayne
Vicinity of Coldstream Dr in Oshawa
The basement walls are fine, no signs of bowing or damage, however there is a crack in the wall that leaked during heavy periods of rain. We've redirected the downspouts away from the crack and haven't seen any further leaking. We're looking into having the crack filled and repaired.
Vicinity of Ormond Drive in Oshawa
I have a leak in my basement and would like to have it looked at and fixed
Vicinity of Vimy Avenue in Oshawa
It was heavy rain I saw water and saw cracks and traces of water in it.
Vicinity of Tralee Crt in Oshawa
Water in my basement...this time it's on the other side of the house. I believe it is the foundation but the basement is finished so I'm not 100% sure. Thanks for your help.
Vicinity of Lasalle Ave in Oshawa
I'm noticing cracks in my living room walls and mouldings. There are also cracks in the finished basement, in around the window and the baseboards. There is also stings of water damage in the basement.
Vicinity of Burk St in Oshawa
Please contact me
Vicinity of Ferndale Street in Oshawa
The concrete slab floor in my garage has sunken over time, is uneven and has some significant cracking as a result. We would like to understand if Polylevel may be a good option to raise and level the floor and get a quote on the work to do it.
Vicinity of Carnaby Cres in Oshawa
I have a bit of water leaking into my basement crawlspace
Vicinity of Steepleview Crt in Oshawa
I have cracks in the basement and I want an estimate how much will cost if we do it from inside and/or outside.
Vicinity of Cloverdale Street in Oshawa
I would like a quote on enlarging basement walkout, foundation repair, and egress window install please.
Vicinity of Ritson Road in Oshawa
I have a crawl space with a sump pump in my home and I believe that it might need an annual service. It is currently working, but I bought the house during the spring so to be cautious, I would like a quote.
Vicinity of Meath Drive in Oshawa
Hello. We have what appears to be a very small leak in our foundation that dribbles into the basement from an outside wall. We were hoping to have someone come out to assess it as we are having the basement finished. Thank you.
Vicinity of Glaspell Cres in Oshawa
Just discovered what seems to be a leak in our basement.
Vicinity of Eastlawn Street in Oshawa
Our basement recently flooded. We would like an estimate to correct this issue and prevent future flooding. We have gutted the basement and recently snaked the basement drain, however we would like a permanent solution prior to doing any further renovations.
Vicinity of French St in Oshawa
Vicinity of Ritson Rd. South in Oshawa
Leaky basement and walls.
Vicinity of Albert ST in Oshawa
Basement leaking
Vicinity of Hillcroft Street in Oshawa
Crack leaking under basement window.
Vicinity of Oshawa Blvd North in Oshawa
Hello, We have our basement done a few year ago and would like to ask if maintenance/service is still offered and the cost? We are noticing it smells damp/musty at times so not sure if maybe the dehumidifier or the interiors channels need to be flushed.
Vicinity of Columbus Rd in Oshawa
I need someone to come out and find out why water is coming in basement
Vicinity of Paddington Cres. in Oshawa
Bad smell in basmement. Noticed damp carpet close to window today. Looking to get fixed. Thank you
Vicinity of Colborne St E in Oshawa
Hi there, I have a small area of foundation directly under a basement window on the east side of my house that appears to be eroding. I'd like to have a quote to repair/patch it. I will be putting my house up for sale in the near future and could just fill the window well in with gravel to cover it but I'd rather look at repairing it/patching it for the next buyer if it's not too expensive. I've owned for almost 4 years and there has never been a leak inside my house. I have photos to share if that helps. Look forward to hearing from you & thanks.
Vicinity of Marion Ave in Oshawa
Have mold
Vicinity of Front Street in Oshawa
Vicinity of Albert St in Oshawa
I would like to get a quote on Basement underpinning. How long does it take and can we live int he house?
Vicinity of Trinidad Court in Oshawa
Lifting and sinking concrete around our pool
Vicinity of Agnes St in Oshawa
Sagging floors around load bearing walls on first and second floor
Vicinity of Cubert St in Oshawa
I've have dampness around the base of all walls and excess water with heavy snow melt or rain. Not sure if I need a sump pump put in buy would like an estimate and idea of what needs to be done. Thank you
Vicinity of Westmoreland Ave in Oshawa
I had water in my basement
Vicinity of Tresane Avenue in Oshawa
Water in the basement, found holes in the foundation and it there are areas where it appears water is coming up through the floor.
Vicinity of Dickens Drive in Oshawa
Leaky foundation need repaired
Vicinity of Mary St N in Oshawa
I need my front porch waterproofed
Vicinity of Charrington Ave in Oshawa
I need a estimate to lift and level pool deck , deck is sloping town house.don't want to replace pool .my pool is 28x14 and deck is about 3 inchs thick .
Vicinity of Barnes Crescent in Oshawa
Can you come and give me an estimate? I have a small leak, foundation crack.
Vicinity of Orange Crescent in Oshawa
Leak coming in Crack in block wall as well as at the bottom of the block where the floor meets the block
Vicinity of Park Rd. S in Oshawa
I have a block foundation, leaks on bottom course of blocks after a heavy rain. Weeping tile is possibly plugged. House built in 1965, clay weeping tiles, south wall, 25 foot length
Vicinity of King St E in Oshawa
I have a wet basement. Please take a look & see what can be done.
Vicinity of Laracor Lane in Oshawa
Foundation/footing issue
Vicinity of Bon Echo Dr in Oshawa
Leak in basement
Vicinity of in Oshawa
Looking to get a quote on some basement wall cracks along with a crawlspace cleaning and re-insulation. Thank you : )
Vicinity of Glengrove St in Oshawa
Need a professional!
Vicinity of Greta St in Oshawa
Vicinity of Copperfield Drive in Oshawa
We have water coming in our basement in a couple of spots. Need to get it fixed.
Vicinity of Park Rd. N. in Oshawa
We have had 2 leaks into the residence from a window well. We'd like to discuss options.
Vicinity of Drew St in Oshawa
Foundation repairs Wet basement, water leaking
Vicinity of Riverton St in Oshawa
Spider crack in wall that gets damp when rain
Vicinity of Jarvis in Oshawa
Looking for pricing/estimate to have basement leaks fixed/waterproofing (current leaks in the basement) and to possibly have the basement dug down (if you do that). Thank you!
Vicinity of Masson Street in Oshawa
Vicinity of Cumberland Court in Oshawa
Vicinity of Trowbridge Dr. in Oshawa
Evidence of home settling in the south east corner. Doors in and above area are not closing, cracks are appearing in corners. My wife & I bought the house 6 years ago. The house is a detached back-split and was built in 2001. Thank you. Roman Jirasek cell/text
Vicinity of Berwick Cres in Oshawa
Opening around hydro coming into house but other issues/concern in basement
Vicinity of Ridgemount Blvd in Oshawa
We found some wet spot in the basement,leaking threw the Walls where the pink sponge with plastic is.
Vicinity of in Oshawa
Don't often go in my basement. Went to retrieve something and the floor in one part is wet.
Vicinity of Somerville Street in Oshawa
Leak in cold cellar from front porch and separate leak possibly from window well or foundation
Vicinity of Vancouver Cres in Oshawa
Leak in one area of basement would like a quoted to fill crack and tar
Vicinity of Hillcroft in Oshawa
Hello Looking to get an estimate for our basement as it appears there is a leak and would like to know what type of repair will be required. Our home is located in Oshawa on Hillcroft St. Thanks
Vicinity of Ashgrove Cres in Oshawa
Wet basement floor. Unsure where the source is. Please call as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Bon Echo Dr in Oshawa
Leak in basement
Vicinity of Eastlawn St in Oshawa
Water came in from rain storm. More at floor level, walls not wet.
Vicinity of Ritson Rd South in Oshawa
We have 6 concrete slabs approx-6x6 around our in ground pool, as well as a concrete step about 4x4 that need to be lifted.
Vicinity of Southgate Drive in Oshawa
Wet basement in one room when it rains heavily...possible crack in the foundation on the outside
Vicinity of Waverly Street South, in Oshawa
Basement has been leaking and there is an mould issue as well.
Vicinity of William Street East in Oshawa
We have a leak in our basement. Not sure where the water is coming in from but there is mold growing in the corner. Looking to have a company in to confirm where the water is coming from and fix the issue.
Vicinity of Elgin Street East in Oshawa
I have recently discovered a leak coming in from a crack On one of my foundation walls in my basement of my 1951 home. Never noticed water before the big rain storm last Tuesday. Wondering if I could have a free estimate on how much it will cost to repair. Please let me know.
Vicinity of Lakemount St in Oshawa
I can't get rid of a musty smell in basement.
Vicinity of Wallig in Oshawa
We have crack in our foundation causing water to leak in our basement
Vicinity of SYLIVA ST in Oshawa
Vicinity of Wayne Avenue in Oshawa
We have a 50-60 yr old bungalow which we rent to tenants. The basement unit became wet during the heavy rains on June 23. Need to figure out where the water came from before we can fix the basement which has some mold issues now.
Vicinity of Central Park Blvd S in Oshawa
Approx. 60 year old bungalow, water creeping in on North and west sides during HARD downpours,, please call
Vicinity of Waverly St N in Oshawa
Approx. 40 yrs old house. leaking in one room in the month of Mar- April when snow melts and rain falls. Otherwise no leaking after that
Vicinity of Oxford Street in Oshawa
I have crumbling walls and water leakage in the basement of my 100 year old home.
Vicinity of Christie Ave in Oshawa
Crumbling concrete in basement.
Vicinity of Switzer Drive in Oshawa
Basement leaks through the center of basement crack which extends the entire length of the basement.
Vicinity of Tall Pine Court in Oshawa
Experiencing foundation cracks around my house.On one side there is water coming through every time there is a heavy down pour and during the spring when the snow starts melting.
Vicinity of Elmridge Street in Oshawa
Water leakage in bedroom closet downstairs in our finished basement.
Vicinity of Simcoe St. N in Oshawa
Looking for Interior Weeping Tile system. Thanks, Brian
Vicinity of Adelaide Ave E in Oshawa
Water flowing into basement Need foundation repairs and may be interested in lowering the basement
Vicinity of Pine Ave in Oshawa
Have a basement that floods with heavydown pours. Have an existing deck over one of the three sides of the basement. would like a quote to fix
Vicinity of Thomas St in Oshawa
I have water leaking in from two seperate spots in basement after storm last night . It is a poured concrete basement. The house is approx 40-50 years old
Vicinity of Farewell Street in Oshawa
Cold cellar located at front of house. Block foundation, water is coming in through cracks in the foundation of the cold cellar
Vicinity of Capilano Court in Oshawa
I have one section of concrete next to our pool, that has risen up away from pool edge, and needs to be jacked back into place.
Vicinity of Adelaide Ave West in Oshawa
I have a water problem in my basement. It seems to be coming up from where the walls and floor meet. It's not in one specific spot, it's kind of scatter throughout the basement. This happens every spring. Last year and this year seems to be worse than previous years. Please let me know if your able to stop by and take a look. Thanks
Vicinity of Wilson Rd N in Oshawa
Poured concrete foundation cracks and parging needed.
Vicinity of Durham Street in Oshawa
Would like to set up an appointment to get a quote on my leaking basement
Vicinity of Thornton Road N. in Oshawa
We have a cinder block foundation that is leaking. I am looking for an assessment and estimate.
Vicinity of Catskill Drive in Oshawa
Vertical Crack along garage wall
Vicinity of Georgian Crt in Oshawa
One crack (.5 metre) that leaks when there is a heavy rainfall.
Vicinity of Agnes St in Oshawa
Home inspection showed moisture in all four corners of my basement. This house is poured concrete and is 97 years old. I need an estimate so I can budget repairs for this spring. Thanks.
Vicinity of Londonderry Street in Oshawa
I discovered some water in a storage area under my stairs in my basement. It appears to be coming from the foundation. Looking for an estimate to repair.
Vicinity of Fernwood Ave in Oshawa
I have a leak in my basement. I just bought the house and found water coming in from under a basement window.
Vicinity of Osler St in Oshawa
I have a concrete block basement that is leaking in a few areas. I would like an estimate to have it repaired.
Vicinity of Ritson Rd.. in Oshawa
In need of leak repair from concrete patio to basement.
Vicinity of Edward Bolton Crescent in Oshawa
I am looking to find out what it would cost to have two Sunhouse window wells 16" height and covers installed?
Vicinity of Thimbleberry Circle in Oshawa
Foundation crack with dampness is basement
Vicinity of Snow Ridge Court in Oshawa
Water leaking through the well water lines into the foundation. and a cracked foundation under a window sill.
Vicinity of Galahad Dr. in Oshawa
Semi-detached home. Back corner of basement wall (that connects to other house) is leaking water through a crack
Vicinity of Newbury in Oshawa
Some moisture on one part of basement wall.
Vicinity of Century St in Oshawa
During winter (Feb.) when there is a thaw, the ground is frozen but get lots of rain. Water comes in over top of foundation as appears driveway is graded higher than the foundation. We need to see how this can be fixed so need an estimate on costs. Your company was recommended from a previous neighbour of mine.
Vicinity of Leslie Street in Oshawa
Basement wall beside driveway leaks. Need the leak repaired and a sump pump installed
Vicinity of Pontiac Ave in Oshawa
Water seeping into basement
Vicinity of Londonderry St. in Oshawa
Leaky basement
Vicinity of Crimson Court in Oshawa
In my laundry room, there is a water leak. It is situated at the side of my house.
Vicinity of Dalhousie Cres in Oshawa
Looking for a quote- we have a leak in the basement that we believe is from the foundation.
Vicinity of Woodmount Cres in Oshawa
Crack in foundation
Vicinity of Banting Ave in Oshawa
Water coming into the basement.
Vicinity of Rossmount Ave in Oshawa
We have a leak in the basement and would like an estimate
Vicinity of Wilson Rd North in Oshawa
Basement walls damp and occasional puddles on the floor.
Vicinity of King Street East in Oshawa
We had about 2 inches of water in our finished basement coming from either end of the house. We just took possession of this new house and we are away we need to do the grading around the house but it appears there are some cracks on the foundation that need repair. Is someone able to come out to provide an estimate?
Vicinity of in Oshawa
Water in my basement wet walls need a quote
Vicinity of Banting in Oshawa
I would like a free estimate on my basement foundation repair.
Vicinity of Lobelia Court in Oshawa
Dry basement but some crumbling at top of poured concrete where it meats the brick. What to do to stop further erosion and fix to maintain structure. Home is a side split 1970's build Thank you.
Vicinity of Cypress Ave in Oshawa
Looking at getting a quote for grading, weaping system and foundation repair
Vicinity of Conlin Road East Oshawa in Oshawa
Crack in foundation in basement by sum pump. No leaks but selling house and need it fixed
Vicinity of Connaught St in Oshawa
I have a crawl space with dirt floor and an old leaky basement.
Vicinity of Rosehill Blvd in Oshawa
Crumbling damp basement
Vicinity of Glenwood Crescent in Oshawa
Home is about 60 years old-basement (unfinished) leaking through wall for about a year-crawl space seems dry
Vicinity of Copperfield Drive in Oshawa
Hi there, I am shopping around for several quotes on repairing a foundation crack. We purchased a home and the owners did not have a proper downspout in the front corner of the house. There is now a crack in that area and water is seeping into the basement. The basement wall is wet to the touch after rainfall. The area that needs repaired is a 3 to 5 foot section. The foundation is cinderblock. Can you please provide me with an approximate cost to repair and waterproof a 3-5 foot section of our foundation? Thank you.
Vicinity of Roselawn Ave. in Oshawa
Our 60's bungalow sits on a very high water table.This spring we've noticed dampness in the basement which is the first evidence we've seen since we moved in four years ago.What do you think?
Vicinity of Whitestone Drive in Oshawa
There is a sinkhole at the property line about 3 feet diameter and it is close to the foundations of the house. I want to know what is causing the sinkhole and how we can fix the problem. Thanks, WR
Vicinity of Salerno Street in Oshawa
We have a basement which appears to have a damp wall at its base and would like to get a quote on fixing the problem.
Vicinity of Law St in Oshawa
My basement walls are made of concrete blocks. One wall of my basement seeps mid-wall sometimes in spring thaw or when it rains in the winter, for example. I have another wall in my basement where it seems to seep from where the floor meets the wall, not mid-wall like the other part of the basement. We had leak work done on the other half our basement about 10 years ago. They sealed the exterior and also installed some drainage lines in the walls and under the cement floor to the floor drain. That repair has worked pretty well. I would like an opinion of what is happening and estimate of what the price would be to repair the leaks, please. Thanks!
Vicinity of Seneca Avenue in Oshawa
Water leaked in from back wall in basement, looks like it is coming in from back wall and damaged floors and walls. There is an interlock patio on the exterior of where the water is coming in. Our house is a back split, it only goes down about 6 feel, into the ground I the back.
Vicinity of Jarvis Street in Oshawa
Need help now
Vicinity of Division Street in Oshawa
Need a quote to have my foundation properly waterproofed
Vicinity of Prestwick Dr in Oshawa
Leaky basement
Vicinity of Churchill Ave in Oshawa
I have a leak in my basement that seems to be coming from the wall. I can't see the area as there is an oil tank there that is getting removed today. What is a rough estimate for getting something like that fixed. It only leaks when it rains or the snow melts.
Vicinity of Phillip Murray Ave in Oshawa
Looking for a battery back up for a 1/3 hp sump pump.
Vicinity of Laval Dr in Oshawa
My sSon purchased a home at the above mentioned address. After taking possession we noticed water seeping in through the foundation east wall after a rain fall. The problem the leaking crack is directly behind the furnace in the basement. He aske me to get an estimate for repairs. Can you oblige ??
Vicinity of Cedar Street in Oshawa
Small old house on stone foundation, with horrible dank musty crawlspace. Have a sump pump, don't know what kind, here when moved in. Fed up with the damp chill in the Winter and humidity all the time. Not to mention the bugs,spiders and rodents. Have only recently discovered about the Sanidry and encapsulation idea for a crawlspace. Am afraid to find out the cost but need to know as something will have to be done sooner rather than later.
Vicinity of Bruce Street in Oshawa
Basement floor has cracks that water leaks up through, foundation wall has some cracks. Please contact via email if possible as I am at work currently.
Vicinity of Bond Street East in Oshawa
Good Day, I am looking to finish my basement and for the most part it has been a very dry basement with no water leakage however it is a parged cement basement that I would like sealed and waterproofed prior to any finishing. Please call to schedule a time to see the space and provide a quotation. Thanks. Crystal
Vicinity of Cadillac Ave. S. in Oshawa
I have some cracks in the foundation which I am not sure are shrinkage cracks or other. I have a few photographs. Is it possible for you to have a look at the photos and tell me what the problem is and what to do to rectify it? Thanks.
Vicinity of Highland Avenue in Oshawa
We would like to receive an estimate for our foundation. Please call asap. Thanks
Vicinity of Ritson Rd S in Oshawa
Water buildup in front of house and crumbling concete on foundation

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